Top Clicks and a Reminder

This is a list of our top clicks of the week, but before that, start with this reminder – Make sure you take advantage of all the local media coverage of professional soccer here in the Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex. For more details, including details about the radio shows today (2-4 on 96.7 FM) and tomorrow morning (103.3 FM), see our article HERE.

Crushed by Colorado – Article Summary

As the FC Dallas nation tries to shake off what was a surprising loss to the Colorado Rapids – a team that had yet to score in 2015 and had looked over-matched against teams such as the Philadelphia Union – here is a quick summary of articles to work through the event itself and analysis of how it happened, finishing with today’s articles on how the team plans to address the poor result.

Top Articles of the Month

Photo by Pablo Serna, Soccer Information Network

Thanks for joining us this month at the Soccer Information Network! These are the top articles for the Month of March:

Seeing Red

Dallas Cup Kicks Off (Fletcher Whiteley)

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