Practice Report: June 2, 2015

practice report bumperLots of Defensive Work

The main thing that was preached was one on one defense. The coaches really harped on defense and making sure the team did not foul in practice today. That was a majority of the practice today especially with midfielders and defense players. Some players performed well in the drill like Stephen Keel who is fighting for a chance to get more play time especially with the Open Cup coming up. Some did not do so well and left themselves exposed or were simply pushed around.

Castillo situation

Fabian Castillo did side work today as he continues to rehab from his injury. He is still listed as day to day and Oscar Pareja was happy that he got the chance to last weekend. Castillo is expected to train with the team this week, but his status for Sunday is questionable. It will not be known until later this week his status for next Sunday. For now we will list him as questionable.

Intensity at an all time high

The entire team knows what happened Saturday needs to stop. This team can’t afford anymore 4-0 defeats. The players were a little more physical in practice today than they usually are. Some players stepped up to the plate and answered the call to be more physical while others struggled. The coaches were louder than ever before and were getting after players who did something that would create a chance for Dallas to receive a card. The understand that the defense and the situation with cards need to improve.




Practice Report: May 14, 2015

practice report bumperTraditional Day-Before Training

FC Dallas’s practice was a bit harder than what they usually run the day before a game. They had a light scrimmage between the one’s and the two’s as they want to make sure the team is extra sharp heading into Friday’s key game against the New York Red Bulls. The team knows this is a big game because this is their last home game for five weeks so they understand getting three points at home before the long road trip is key. Continue reading

Practice Report: May 12, 2015

Injury List: Here is the official injury list that the team will send to the league. Stephen Keel (foot) Zach Loyd (groin) A change in plans: Kellyn Acosta was supposed to leave today for the […]

Practice Report – May 8, 2015

practice report bumper

FC Dallas gets ready for their game on Saturday versus the Los Angeles Galaxy with their final practice today. For the most part, Dallas ran a pretty typical practice that was pretty standard for what they do the day before the game. So here are some highlights from the practice. Continue reading

Practice Report – April 30, 2015

practice report bumperThursday practice with a twist

Since this team has played a few Friday games already and how frequent they have been lately, this team has got into a groove handling the practice. It also helps this team has an extra day of rest compared to Houston. For the most part, the team did their usual thing which is working on set pieces and play a few games. The only thing that was different was that they worked on one-time passes through the middle.
Continue reading

Practice Report: April 27, 2015

Only one player missing Only one player who is not injured was missing. Goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez was not there as he was called up to the Mexico U-20 team. Gonzalez was not able to go […]

Practice Report – April 23, 2015

practice report bumper

Set piece day

As usual, on the day before the match, today was the day where the team focused on set pieces. Mauro Diaz and Kyle Bekker worked most of the corner and free kicks. Chris Setiz and Dan Kennedy were taking most of the repetitions in goal. Continue reading

Practice Report 4-21-15

practice report bumperDiaz runs with first team

Today’s practice was delayed until 4:30 because of the weather this morning, but it was eventful. Mauro Diaz ran with the first team today and was very competitive in practice. He went through all the drills and looked like his old self. Before everybody gets fired up about him starting, keep in mind it is just the first day of practice and a lot can change, obviously, but the fact he did all this is a great sign into how much he is ready to get back out on the field and make an impact. Continue reading

Top Clicks and a Reminder

This is a list of our top clicks of the week, but before that, start with this reminder – Make sure you take advantage of all the local media coverage of professional soccer here in the Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex. For more details, including details about the radio shows today (2-4 on 96.7 FM) and tomorrow morning (103.3 FM), see our article HERE.