Practice Report: September 1, 2015

Golden¬†Opportunity: Yes, FC Dallas is missing a few players this week, but the ones there know that they have a huge chance this week going against Columbus who is missing NINE players this week including […]

Practice Report 8/10/15

The team is fresh: As expected the entire team is fresh after not playing in a game this weekend and many of the players commented on how much better they feel. There was no scrimmage […]

FC Dallas Practice Report: June 22, 2015

Standard Monday practice Nothing out of the ordinary with the exception with two trial players, the guys who started on Friday did some training and as they get ready for Friday. They had a reserve […]

Practice Report: June 18, 2015

practice report bumperIt has been an odd week as expected with U.S. Open Cup on Tuesday and then a quick turnaround with a game on Friday at Colorado. After a day a of recovery, a lot of the players are still getting their feet under them, especially the ones who just returned from World Cup Qualification. Continue reading

Practice Report – June 15, 2015

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FORT WORTH, Texas _ Today FC Dallas trained at the Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium on the campus of TCU in Fort Worth ahead of their U.S. Open Cup match against Oklahoma City Energy FC. The match on Tuesday will be played at the same stadium. Continue reading

Practice Notes via Steve Hunt, 3rd Degree and the Dallas Morning News

Due to some schedule issues, we were not able to get to practice this week, but Steve Hunt of 3rd Degree and the Dallas Morning News did. He has updates on some key players. Probably […]

Practice Report: June 5, 2015

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Longer practice than usual

Today was a bit longer than usual, but that was expected. With this week’s game on Sunday, they can afford another hard day of practice that they needed. They worked a lot on set pieces which is routine for Friday and also closing down on defenders. The team is really wanting to win this game and knows that it will be tough, but are ready for the challenge. Continue reading