MLS Week 2 Power Rankings

What a fun week of MLS, and that was just week one. Some surprising results throughout the weekend and the Power Rankings will take that into account. The criteria this week will be quality of […]

MLS Week 1 Power Rankings

With the season starting Sunday, here is the first power rankings of the season. MLS Power Rankings 1. Portland Timbers: They’re the champs so they get champions advantage by being number one, but they still […]

The Original MLS Power Rankings – June 30, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

You know, it gets so tempting to make broad generalizations about East v. West some times. And when you look at the bottom of the league, you do have three clear poor teams in the East rather than just one in the West, but you also then have weeks like last week where the East seemed to win every matchup with the West. Well, other than New England….

But with Seattle in a tailspin, and our lack of confidence in Vancouver and hesitation with Sporting Kansas City, we still will not have a “Quality” grouping, although the addition of Steven Gerrard to a Galaxy side that has been pretty solid of late might give us something to think about.

As a reminder, we list the team’s Pace number (against the barometer that teams win at home and tie on the road) and points per game average after their name as those are some key statistics we look at to wash out scheduling anomalies such as number of games or imbalance between home and away matches. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – June 24, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

So Seattle begins its time without Clint Dempsey, and, as the saying goes, “I have a bad feeling about this.” And this is such a dramatic change that we are actually dropping a category. No more “quality” group as SKC lost and Seattle is VERY vulnerable. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings

MLS power rankings-1In a bit of a short week, there was some movement although nothing earth shattering.


1 (1) Seattle Sounders (1.93, -1). Took care of business against a struggling Dallas side, although their place was severely impaired long term with the injury to Martins and the actions of Dempsey in the US Open Cup on Tuesday.

2 (2) Sporting Kansas City (1.71, -6). No game gave us no reason to move them, and no one behind them justified moving up. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – June 9, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

There has been some real movement this week. Some teams like Sporting continue their hot streak and with consistent performance, move up. Others, not so much. It feels like this year is much more competitive than it has been in years past, especially this early, especially relative to 3-5 years ago.

For a reminder of the games, see our Around the League report from earlier this week. We also added a new group as we are starting to see a little more stratification. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – June 2, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

And the bottom simply could not keep up the pace, with most teams falling back into their old roles. Seattle continues to separate itself from the pack and, for the most part, the stratification is settling in. Sporting and Portland have the hot hand right now. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – May 26, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

Another week in the books, and another set of data. But what does it all mean? Well, following last week’s trends, you have a lot of bad teams showing that maybe they were not as bad as their results indicated – or they were figuring out things they needed to figure out to be better – and the good teams were showing that maybe they were not as good as they seemed.

A few things are for sure – Seattle is still the class of the league, but even they are not infallible.  Another team, D.C. United, is showing itself to be pretty good and made a strong move, and Sporting Kansas City is finally showing the quality we expected from them earlier in the year.

Well, that and NYCFC is just bad. So bad that they now reside as the only team in the bottom grouping. Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – May 19, 2015

MLS power rankings-1As with most weeks, some expectations are confirmed, some are not. Clearly, Seattle is the team to beat at this point in the 2015 campaign. At the bottom, a bit of a dead cat bounce gave a few teams some hope they might not be too terrible. But mostly, we saw that MLS is a very long season and some teams are more set up for the marathon than others.

I must admit, the lack of coverage of the New York Red Bull-FC Dallas dramatic battle – especially considering all of the hype given to the Red Bulls going into their “rivalry match” with NYCFC, then all the coverage FC Dallas received going into the game Friday – was very surprising, in large part because, of all the games this week, this was the most competitive match, between the best teams. (Granted, if the Sounders-Whitecaps match would have been more even, that would likely have been the better game. But it wasn’t.) Continue reading

The Original MLS Power Rankings – May 12, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

The games this past week mostly confirmed things for most teams – you are who you are. There are a few exceptions though, and it will be interesting to watch if the following games continue the trends, or was this week an outlier. Continue reading