Bonner loaned to OKC, Hernandez to Rayo OKC for rest of the season

Two roster moves were made today for FC Dallas. One expected, the was coming, but it was a surprise still to see.

FC Dallas first loaned striker Colin Bonner to the Oklahoma City Energy today. The third round pick needs games and he can get some with OKC. No shock to the move at all and it was rather expected.

To see Moises Hernandez loaned to Rayo OKC was a bit of a shock as you would think he would be loaned to a USL team where he can get confidence again and return to being a defender the team can trust. Instead, the team decided to go ahead and loan him to Rayo OKC for the rest of the season in a sign that just about says the team needs him to get his confidence back as soon as possible. Hernandez just signed a contract with the team last season so he is safe, but clearly this feels like a sign the team has lost confidence in him this season.

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