6 points in one week is nothing to gripe about

The whistle had blown at the end of the San Jose game and fans of FC Dallas had reason to be concerned. Two straight games at home resulted in a tie with four out of the next five on the road. These were not easy games either as all their games were against the defending champion, the defending Supporters’ Shield champion, the defending MVP of the league, and the home game was against a team that was probably a top three team heading into the game against Dallas. The first week of a brutal April/May stretch had Dallas going to Portland for a Wednesday game, and then coming home for a national game with Sporting Kansas City on a Sunday. A very rough week and it would be a week you would feel very satisfied taking four points out of. Well Dallas did one better and got two wins that week and are very close to being the only elite team in the league. They went to Portland and handled them 3-1 with a strong first half showing. They then came home, and were able to come back at beat Sporting Kansas City.

The main question I had at the end of the game Sundaywas if Oscar Pareja had outsmarted Peter Vermes on national television. Dallas made great subs throughout the game. They brought in Atiba Harris for set piece defense. While Ryan Hollingshead is the better defender, Atiba is better on set piece defense. Mauro Rosales came in for Tesho later on to provide a spark in the middle. The Rosales for Blas Perez trade always seemed to feel like Dallas was the winner of and the trade just earned Dallas three points. Dallas now has a guy who can come in off the bench and create a spark in the middle when Diaz is not out there. Rosales can do free kicks as everybody saw yesterday, and send in dangerous set pieces. Then you have Juan Ortiz come in to help set-up shop and be an enforcer.

Dallas now head into a tough three game road trip without their captain Matt Hedges who is also one of the best center backs in the league. The goal is at least three points. Keep the points on the road to at least a one point average. ┬áLuckily for Dallas, there is winnable games in that schedule. They can beat Vancouver, and they can beat the Red Bulls. They don’t need to win all three, but they need to grab three points from their next three games. If they do that, it might be time to consider this team to be an elite MLS team.


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