MLS Week 2 Power Rankings

What a fun week of MLS, and that was just week one. Some surprising results throughout the weekend and the Power Rankings will take that into account. The criteria this week will be quality of opponent, where was the game, and overall quality of the win or draw.

1. Portland Timbers: They won at home against Columbus. Yes, Portland is tough at home, but it was still a quality win this early in the season.

2. FC Dallas: Dallas had a nice result against Philadelphia so no reason to drop them, as Dallas clearly looked like the better team all day. Now without Castillo in the lineup, will they be able to hold this position<

3. Montreal Impact: They went on the road to team that was in the playoffs last season in the west and won. Ignacio Piatti looked great and this was a huge win for a team that is without Drogba because of his turf fear.

4. Columbus Crew: I wrestled with putting the Galaxy at this position, but I think moving them up that high after one game would be too insane. The Crew lost, but still played a solid game. It is tough to get a result at Portland like I said earlier, and this team did not get blown out.

5. Los Angeles Galaxy: Down at halftime, the Galaxy made an intriguing substitute and their second of the game because Dan Kennedy got hurt. They sub off Giovani dos Santos and added Mike Magee who scored twice and had an assist. It is only one game, but it might be something to watch going forward.
6. Sporting Kansas City: Had done everything right to get fifth in the rankings, but you can’t overlook the thrashing Los Angeles did to D.C. United, a win in Seattle is impressive though, even if Seattle was down a man for a half.

7. Toronto FC: A solid result against a New York Red Bull team with a back line not as good as last season. This is still a good team, but need to see some consistency before they move higher.

8. Seattle Sounders: Went down a man, but still looked like they could at least get a point. It clearly was the right call to give Oniel Fisher a red, but they still had a shot to grab a point.

9. New York Red Bulls: Very disappointing outing against a team they have to beat at home. Red Bulls only had 11 shots that day, but only one was on target. Red Bulls only lost three games at home last season and one game in their already a third of the way to last year’s mark.

10. Vancouver Whitecaps: Rough outing for David Outsed. Montreal had five shots on target and he only saved two. Vancouver is not a great home team so maybe they can take comfort that they will be on the road this weekend, but it is in Kansas City.

11. San Jose Earthquake: Went on the road and got a win in Colorado. Chris Wondolowski got a goal, but the stats so a different story as Colorado had more shots, shots on target, possession, and corners. This may have been the case of a better team today with better players finishing chances.

12. New York City FC: I was impressed with this team who were able to get production out of their less known guys in the first game. Now, if only Pirlo and Lampard can step up.

13. D.C. United: The team is waiting on all calls to explain to them what happened from the fiftieth minute on. Dropping them real far this is early is a stretch, but they could drop farther if New England gets a result against them.

14. New England Revolution: Tied Houston on Sunday, but it was on the road so you can’t be too upset about it. New England has a key game with D.C. United this week. It feels big for both teams already.
15. Orlando City SC: Down a man, down two goals, and you tie it late without Kaka even playing? Not a bad way to start the season.
16. Real Salt Lake: Up a man, up two goals, and blow a two goal lead in a minute. Not the way you want to start the season.

17. Houston Dynamo: Blew a lead late in a game that could show if they’re a serious team in the west this year, or if they would be fighting for last place in the west. Bounce back game is against Dallas and Dallas has owned this team.

18. Colorado Rapids: Actually looked somewhat decent on Sunday. Clearly better than teams below.

19. Chicago Fire: Young team that will get better. A result against Orlando and all is still fine for this season.

20. Philadelphia Union: Felt sorry for the Union on Sunday. Dallas was better from the sound of the opening whistle. Andre Blake was the bright spot who kept that game from being a lot, lot, lot worse.

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