Thoughts on the win, Castillo injury, what they need to do going forward

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A 2-0 win over Philadelphia is not something to make you start cancelling plans in the winter because of conference finals and MLS Cup, but what Dallas did do is pick up where they left off and looked like a veteran team handling an inexperienced Philadelphia squad. You can say Dallas probably could could have scored another two goals, and Philadelphia did just enough to not make it a total blowout, but it is week one and I am fine with that. Carlos Gruezo made his debut today and looked like the real deal. He was all over the place and was able to push his weight around. Mauro Diaz was another bright spot. He was physical in winning balls and was not afraid to mix it up. This is the old Diaz and this Diaz is dangerous.

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The elephant in the room is the injury of Fabian Castillo with an abductor injury. Oscar Pareja said two weeks on the timetable, but there is no need to rush this as it will be a long season. Don’t be shocked if he is out three weeks, and that is fine because this team is deep.  Tesho will fill in more than likely. Tesho can play in the games against Houston and Montreal and everything should be alright. Having Castillo at 100% is a lot better now than rush him and him be under 100% while trying to recover.

Barrios probably should've scored on this play in the 1st half. All photos by David Chaffin.
Barrios probably should’ve scored on this play in the 1st half. All photos by David Chaffin.

Going forward seeing this team finish more chances is the big thing they need to improve on. They created a lot of chances, but they left numerous goals on the table with chances they need to finish on. Credit Philadelphia though, especially Andre Blake for a great game, but Dallas can’t leave that many goals on the table throughout the season.  They lost the Supporters’ Shield on goal differential and so goal differential has proven to hinder this team.

For the first game though, not a lot of major things to pick at. They got a win against a team Dallas is always good enough to beat, showing that so far Dallas is mature enough not to overlook the bottom teams of MLS. They need to continue next week against Houston though, a team Dallas has dominated the last few years.

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