FC Dallas and USL side Oklahoma City Energy announce partnership

FC Dallas and the Oklahoma City Energy of the USL announced a two year partnership for FC Dallas to loan players up to OKC for their USL campaign. While this is not as idea for most FC Dallas fans, this is a lot better than the Arizona partnership as Dallas front office can travel easier to Oklahoma City to see players play in the USL.

Dallas loaned Danny Garcia and Otis Earle out to Arizona last year and both players did not do enough in Arizona to stay with the team for 2016. It will be interesting to see how Dallas uses an affiliate this year not only because of how close OKC is, but with CONCACAF Champions League late in the season, will Dallas be looking to loan players to OKC faster is a question that needs to be asked.

All and all, this appears to be a win-win for FC Dallas and OKC. While the best thing for Dallas would be to create their own USL squad, having one in OKC is the next best thing. Lots of fans for both teams should be happy and it appears the largest supporter group of OKC “The Grid” and FC Dallas famed group “Dallas Beer Guardians” have already formed partnerships in working together for the next two years. Both teams announced a friendly between the two sides will happen on February 27 in Oklahoma City at Taft Stadium.

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