Looking ahead to roster moves

Now that the season is over, FC Dallas will head into the 2016 season with expectations even higher after being the top team in the Western Conference regular season. So who will be with the team going into the next season and who is likely out the door.

Kellyn Acosta

Salary: 60,000 (homegrown contract)

To say that Acosta could be playing with the United States team in Russia during the next World Cup is not a crazy idea. Matter of fact most people would probably buy that idea.

Job Status: Safe

Tesho Akindele

Salary: 70,000 (rookie contract)

Akindele had a rough second season enduring a sophomore slump, but he at 23 you can’t give up on him now. He will look to rebound from a frustrating 2015 campaign.

Job Status: Safe

Micheal Barrios

Salary: 60,000

A free transfer really found his form late in the season as he was one of the hottest players the last half of the season. Now that he is adjusted to the league, he could have a huge 2016 season.

Job Status: Safe

Fabian Castillo

Salary: 145,000 (designated player)

Is this really up for debate?

Job Status: Safe

Ezequiel Cirigliano

Salary: 124,999.92 (loan-buy option)

Cirgliano had a rough time when he faced the big name clubs of MLS, but he really did not get a lot of experience at MLS yet. Give it time and maybe FC Dallas executes their buy option.

Job Status: Safe

Coy Craft

Salary: 60,000 (homegrown contract)

Craft did not get a lot of playing time this season, but was in the Homegrown Game and has been called up numerous times to the United States U-18 squad. He could use some USL time in 2016 if it is possible or maybe some play time in CONCACAF Champions League.

Job Status: Safe

Mauro Diaz

Salary: 364,000 (designated player)

Diaz just signed a long term contract. Like Castillo, there is no question here.

Job Status: Safe

Otis Earle

Salary: 60,000 (rookie contract)

Earle only made one appearance all season and it was during Open Cup play against Oklahoma City. His time in Arizona was considered a failed experiment. You hate to give up on a first round draft pick this quick, but he needs to hurry up and figure things out.

Job Status: in danger

Rolando Escobar

Salary: 180,000

Escobar did not do anything great in his half season with the team, but he did not do anything bad. His main role was to come on for Diaz when the club was monitoring Diaz’s minutes. If the club thinks they can find a better back up for Escobar, his time might be limited because of his high salary and at the age of 34, his days as a pro are numbered.

Job Status: In danger


Salary:  140,000

Michel has a dangerous left foot that makes him a nightmare on set pieces. That is about it though because he is not a great defender. His last start came against NYCFC where he scored an olimpico. He did not have much impact this season and at 34 he is not getting any younger.

Job Status: Out

Danny Garcia

Salary: 70,000 (homegrown contact)

Garcia went down to Arizona for most of the 2015 season to get experience. While there, Garcia struggled with injuries, but did have a more successful experiment than Earle. Garcia is a huge question mark because while you don’t want to give up on somebody so fast, he has not done anything to merit staying with the club next season.

Job Status: In danger


Jesse Gonzales

Salary 60,000 (homegrown contract)

He was the best keeper at the end of the season throughout MLS. He has a bright future and many soccer fans will get to know him as Mexico’s goalkeeper in the not too distant future.

Job Status: Safe

Atiba Harris

Salary: 130,000 (available for free agency)

Harris is a great locker room guy and knows his role on the team. He is a regular on the eighteen roster and at 30 he still has a few more years left in the tank. Harris is happy in Dallas and Dallas will likely try to re-sign him.

Job Status: Likely safe

Matt Hedges

Salary: 135,000

Captain of the team and arguably the best center back in the league. Another easy one.

Job Status: Safe

Moises Hernandez

Salary: 60,000 (homegrown contract)

Hernandez started the season hot, then the wheels came off. When Hernandez is on, he can be really good. He needs some confidence. Maybe with all the games FC Dallas will have in 2016 he can find some games to build his confidence back up.

Job Status: Safe

Ryan Hollingshead

Salary: 60,000 (rookie contract)

The Swiss-Army knife of the team. He can play midfield, but has become a solid left back option. He is dangerous when up the field and can run for days.

Job Status: Safe

Stephen Keel

Salary: 60,000 (available for free agency)

This is a tough call. Keel is the fan favorite of the team for all the charitable work he has done off the field, but he had a terrible foot injury and he is 32. You really don’t want to see his career end this way because when match fit he could be an asset to the team. Will he be match fit is the question.

Job Status: In danger

Dan Kennedy

Salary: 233,000 (available for free agency)

Kennedy had injury issues all season which lead him to losing the job to Gonzales who excelled at the position. This is a huge question mark because he does have a lot of value and some teams in MLS need a goalkeeper (looks over at Los Angeles or a team with a top five draft pick). I smell a sign and trade.

Job Status: Unknown

Zach Loyd

Salary: 175,000

The longest serving member on the team is about to force Pareja to make an important decision. Do you stay with Loyd at center back? While Loyd is a solid option, Portland just proved that Dallas can’t get to MLS Cup with him at center back. This is not saying Loyd has no value, but teams who are dangerous at crosses and set pieces make Loyd a liability. What Dallas decides to do with center back in the off-season will tell a lot about how Loyd will be used next season.

Job Status: Safe

Blas Perez

Salary: 350,000

Blas Perez will be 35 at the start of next season. Let me repeat that. Thirty-five. His best days are behind him. Does this mean he has no value? No of course not. Is his value 350,000 though? No and it would be crazy for Dallas still pay it. Blas wants to stay in Dallas and I have no problem with Blas staying here, but at a reduced rate though. Blas needs to accept his role and if he is willing to go down drastically in salary to around 140,000, Blas is more than welcome to come back next season. If he rejects a salary reduction and demands his current salary rate, good luck somewhere else Blas and we will cherish the memories we had of you in Dallas.

Job Status: Likely safe

Chris Seitz

Salary: 130,000 (available for free agency)

Seitz has value as a backup to this team. Yes Jesse is the team’s keeper going forward, but having Seitz around at his current salary is not a problem at all. If he wants to come back, no reason to not let him.

Job Status: Likely safe

Bakary Soumare

Salary: 250,000

Soumare retired in what was a failed experiment for Dallas. At the time the trade looked good, but Soumare never lived to expectations never making the eighteen once.

Job Status: Retired

David Texeira

Salary: 338,000 (designated player)

Every time Texeira looks to turn the corner, he falls back down into old ways. Yes, Texeira does a lot of unnoticed things well, but when Dallas needs a goal, he is nowhere to be found. His saved header at home against Portland summed up his time with the team. He has yet to live up to the big contract and it is time for Dallas to look for another option up top.

Job Status: Likely out

Victor Ulloa

Salary: 60,000 (homegrown contract)

The iron man of the team is a great defensive option for Dallas, but he needs to develop his offensive game more. What Pareja has done with Ulloa though is remarkable as many did not think he would be in this situation a few years ago.

Job Status: Safe

Je-Vaughn Watson

Salary: 160,000

Watson held out at the start of the season asking for a better contract. Watson has value to this team and is still a solid option for Dallas and many other MLS clubs. What Dallas decides to do with center back will determine his future for the most part. If Dallas decides to grab the top center back in the draft or trade for a top center back in the league, Watson or Hollingshead might be relegated to the bench to make room for Loyd in the starting eleven.

Job Status: Likely Safe

Alex Zendejas

Salary: 60,000 (homegrown contract)

Zendejas is one of the youngest player in the league and is showing great potential. He just needs more time to get stronger and get more game time experience.

Job Status: Safe

Walker Zimmerman

Salary: 100,000 (Generation Adidas)

Zimmerman will likely be remembered for the header to send the Seattle series into extra time and the game winning penalty kick for as long as he is with FC Dallas. Zimmerman started the second leg against Portland and signs of inexperience were shown. Zimmerman has a great future and could possibly be on the United States Olympic team if the team makes the Olympics. Since he is free to Dallas because of him being apart of Generation Adidas, no reason to get rid of a guy with a lot of promise.

Job Status: Safe





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