Zimmerman unlikely hero in FC Dallas win


As Alexi Lalas said last night, if you had to predict how far Walker Zimmerman would be on the list of heroes in the FC Dallas win last night, you would have Zimmerman pretty far down the list. Zimmerman came on as a substitute and scored the goal to send it into extra time and the winning penalty kick shot in the shootout to send FC Dallas to the Western Conference finals. For Zimmerman, the whole night was surreal to him.

“You’re always thinking you will score the game winning penalty kick and hoping it happens,” he said. “With the situation tonight, the likelihood of it is rare and we prepared all week in practice for a situation for this.”

When Zimmerman walked up to the spot for the game winning penalty shot, most would have butterflies, for Zimmerman, he was confident because of what goalkeeper Jesse Gonzales did earlier.

“Jesse did such a good job and it really takes the pressure of you,” he said. (Jesse then went to thank him for making the shot) “I even though that if I missed, we would be fine, but Jesse took a lot of the pressure off of me and credit to all the penalty shots we made.”

The win tonight was gratifying after what happened last year to Zimmerman and credits the fans for their involvement in the game.

“We knew Seattle knocked us out last year and have had our number,” he said. “The fans were great the entire game too.”

Most thought Zimmerman would not enter the game in that situation, but Zimmerman knew that it would be likely he and Tesho would go in at that moment of the game.

“We practiced all week for a situation like that,” he said. “I knew that if the game was tied heading into the seventy-fifth-eightieth minute that Blas, Tesho, and myself would be going into the game. We were ready for it.”

FC Dallas win insane shootout with Seattle, advance to Western Conference Finals

jesse celebration

An insane final 10 minutes of regular time which saw three combined goals scored by the two clubs, all by second half subs. Tesho Akindele and Walker Zimmerman got on the scoresheet for FC Dallas, while Chad Barrett score for Seattle.

 The match would have to be decided in penalties. Zimmerman would later be called upon the score the winning penalty, which he did. I think you can say the kids, are now men.

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Its All About Michael Barrios


FC Dallas comes into Sunday’s game against the Seattle Sounders down, 2-1, in the home and away series that will decide this Western Conference Semifinal.

This means Dallas not only has to win, but due to the away-goals rule, has to win by either 2 or more goals or by a 1-0 scoreline to advance. If Dallas wins 2-1 in regulation, the series will go to an overtime period, followed by kicks from the mark, if necessary.

The big question is can Oscar Pareja and his players find a way to crack the inevitable bus that the Sounders are going to park in front of their goal. Considering the scoreline, available players and styles of play, you pretty much can bet the house that Sigi Schmidt will have his team do all they can to keep their shape compact and close to goal as any tie puts them through, and other than a 1-0 loss, any one goal loss either keeps them alive or puts them through.

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FC Dallas come home for Western Conference Semi-finals finale

celebrate goal FCDvSJ IMG_8365

Oscar Pareja told referee Kevin Stott he had “no huevos” for not making a decisive call in leg one. Now, it is up to his club to show the huevos they have, officiating mistake or not.

For FC Dallas, it is really do or die on Sunday. Should they lose, the season is over, but the series could still be considered in Dallas’ hands as they do have the away goal.  A 1-0 win for FC Dallas does the trick, but it is hard to keep Seattle off of the scoresheet as we all saw in leg one.

Coming home to Frisco, however, is where FC Dallas find their advantage on Sunday. The club is home, on their home grass, not turf like in Seattle. Making the most of the chances that FC Dallas will earn is also going to be key. Continue reading

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