Lineup Prediction and Analysis: November, 8, 2015

FC Dallas enter the second leg of the Western Conference semi-finals down 2-1, but are home this game to take on the Seattle Sounders in a series that has become more about respect for the club after comments have been made about this team from national media. So before we dive into all that, here is the projected lineup.

Goalkeeper: Jesse Gonzalez

No surprise here. Gonzalez has been solid ever since he got the starting job and could be the goalkeeper for the next decade.

Left Back: Ryan Hollingshead

Hollingshead had a nice game last week, he needs to get forward more this week though and put more pressure on Seattle.

Center Back: Matt Hedges

Hedges will continue to try and push Dempsey around and Hedges is going to have to in order for Dallas to win the series.

Center Back: Zach Loyd

Loyd played well last week. He will  be needed to go up the field some more if Dallas has problems breaking down the defense of  Seattle.

Right Back: Je-Vaughn Watson

Watson played well last week, but he will be needed on offense to make more of an impact. If he could be a dangerous and help get pressure off Barrios, Dallas could get multiple goals.

Left Central Defensive Midfielder: Victor Ulloa

Ulloa did all he could against Seattle last week to keep them off the board. Now he needs to make sure they don’t score a goal.

Right Central Defensive Midfielder: Ezequiel Cirigliano

Cirigliano struggled last week, Acosta is a week away at least from starting. Let’s hope Cirigliano looked at the film this week and noticed what he did wrong and corrected it.

Left Attacking Midfielder: Fabian Castillo

He got the crucial away goal last week. Now he needs one at home. He has to come up big.

Central Attacking Midfielder: Mauro Diaz

Diaz looked amazing last week. Seattle gave him space. If Seattle wants to give him that much space, I would like to see him move forward and curve a shot in. Take some pressure off Castillo and Barrios.

Right Attacking Midfielder: Micheal Barrios

Barrios was a thorn in Seattle’s side last week. He needs to do it again to keep their defense honest.

Striker: David Texeira

Would love to see him get a goal and silence critics. I think he had a goal last week if the surface was not turf.


It all comes down to this for Dallas. They’re in a do or die mode. Seattle will sit back and hold the line until they have to attack. Dallas will throw everything including the kitchen sink at them. Dallas has three obvious advantages heading into the game. First, they’re home and Dallas is very difficult to beat at home, next the game is on grass which is advantage to Dallas, finally Dallas is a lot faster than Seattle and has the ability to burn them. Seattle has played a lot of games this season and they’re beat up. Dallas will attack and will attack often. Can Seattle hold the line. If they can’t, Dallas should get multiple goals today. I do think Dallas wins today, but it will be a nerve racking ninety minutes which could cause a lot of people’s blood pressure to rise. Dallas defense holds strong and gets a late insurance goal.

Dallas wins 2-0.

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