Conversation with the Captain: September 10, 2015

Matt Hedges plays in FCDvHOU

FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges knows how important each point is down the stretch and knows how big the 3-0 win was in Columbus.  Hedges was pleased with how well the defense performed in the win.

“The defensive performance was huge for us,” he said. “The first half we did alright, but as soon we got that first goal, I thought it was a good tactical switch to bring Walker into the game to get five in the back and they did not get many great chances after that.”

With all the new faces starting last weekend, Hedges knew he had to really make sure everybody was lined up in the right spot as well as making sure the defense holds a clean sheet.

“Obviously it’s not going to be perfect since they’re new,” he said. “They did pretty well though for it being their first time.”

Hedges was thrilled to see fellow defender Atiba Harris get his first goal in just about one year as the right back headed in a corner kick to give FC Dallas the lead.

“We were all happy to see him score,” he said. “He puts in a lot of work and he is a good guy in the locker room so you want to see him succeed.”

Hedges knows that each point is crucial in the extremely tight Western Conference and he also knows each point could be the difference between first in the west or out of the playoffs.

“Every point is crucial right now,” he said. “The Columbus win was the best possible outcome for us and with one or two more wins we will likely be set for the playoffs and then can focus on getting first in the West.”

Hedges is also relieved knowing FC Dallas controls their own destiny into the playoffs and getting the one seed at the end of the season.

“We just have to focus on our gameplan and focus just on our games,” he said. “We don’t have to worry about what other teams do because having to do that sucks.”

FC Dallas host NYFC this Saturday at 7:30.

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