Practice Report: September 1, 2015

Golden Opportunity:

Yes, FC Dallas is missing a few players this week, but the ones there know that they have a huge chance this week going against Columbus who is missing NINE players this week including four starters. While getting a tie on the road is fine, the team feels this is a great chance to snag three points and be right back in it for the Supporters’ Shield as the team has made winning it a priority as this week is one of their games in hand to make up on a majority of the Western Conference and D.C. United over in the East.  A win against Columbus does not clinch the playoffs, but a win this week gives a  FC Dallas only  a four percent chance of missing the playoffs and brings the magic number to at least five games (Four if Seattle or San Jose lose.)

The best player today was a surprise

Ezekiel Cirigliano might have had his best practice so far in his short time with FC Dallas. A lot of people have been wanting him to see some playtime and this week might be the best chance for him to come off the bench so everybody can see what he is capable of. Cirigliano nailed multiple top corner shots in the net that from the top of the box nobody was going to save.

The problem at left wing

With Fabian Castillo on international duty with Columbia, it leaves a huge hole FC Dallas need to fix before Columbus. Micheal Barrios has been solid on the right side as of late, but he has been aided with Fabian Castillo on the other side of the pitch. There is likely four players who can try and fill the role and that is Ryan Hollingshead, Rolando Escobar, Alex Zendejas, and Coy Craft. Hollingshead has the most experience at the wing position, but it then leaves left back needing to be field. If Diaz does not play this weekend, Escobar is not an option out wide. Zendejas does have experience at this position, but only has played one time out wide and looks more comfortable in the center of the field. Coy Craft has not played a second all year, but FC Dallas recalled Craft instead of him joining the U-20 United States team. It will be interesting to see what FC Dallas decides to do and luckily for them they have an extra day to prepare.

Diaz watch

Speaking of Mauro Diaz, today he was on the side watching the team train today. His status for Sunday is still up in the air.

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