Conversation with the Captain: August 14, 2015

FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges gets ready for arguably the biggest home game of the season as FC Dallas takes on the Los Angeles Galaxy. Hedges is feeling better after taking a soccer ball off the face during the Chicago game and understands things like that happen.

“It’s part of the game,” he said. “Especially with defenders as we’re just trying to get in the way. They did a few days of testing for a concussion. My noise hurt for a few days but it’s better now.”

A lot has been made of FC Dallas using this game to see how far they have grown this season, for Hedges, it is just another chance to get a home win.

“A few people have talked to me about how we can measure the game this week to season progress, but I see it as another chance to get three points. We’re on a good stretch and with a couple of wins we’re back on top of the table. I don’t see this as a barometer game though.”

With the lineup that the Galaxy have, some might think that teams will be star-struck by the lineup. For Hedges he knows while they’re difficult, every game is tough.

“Every week you’re playing against good players,” he said. “The names are the names and they are who they are. We’re going to do our gameplan and look for a win. I did not grow up a fan of any league so the big names are whatever each week.”

For Hedges the focus is still on the Supporters’ Shield, but he also has another goal for this team in mind.

“We just need to keep getting better every game so that we can peak at the right time,” he said. “We have a few games coming up with Western Conference teams we need to get points from so we can move up the table.”

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