Practice Report 8/10/15

The team is fresh:

As expected the entire team is fresh after not playing in a game this weekend and many of the players commented on how much better they feel. There was no scrimmage on Saturday so the team had two full days off resulting in the Monday practice. A lot of the players looked loose and ready to go as they know how important this game on Saturday in what should be a playoff atmosphere game.

Keeping intensity despite heat:

The team still had a intense practice as they went through some of their usual drills that they usually reserve for later in the week. Last week was pretty much fine tuning the basic things with the week off. The only thing the team is having to fight is the heat which was the worst it has been at a practice. We will have more on how Pareja is working through the heat in our interview on him.

Two missing players:

Only two players did not compete in full training Monday. Here is the list.

Bakary Soumare (Death in family) Will be in training Tuesday

Zach Loyd (Paternity leave) Will be in training Tuesday


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