FC Dallas 4, Portland Timbers 1 – Player Ratings

barrios IMG_6607FC Dallas put in yet another outstanding team performance, possibly one of their best performances of the year, to beat a Portland side that has shown promise at times during this season 4-1. Let us look at each player individually.


Kennedy – 6. Every week I do this article I always have trouble rating Dan Kennedy. The backline in front of him has been superb in recent weeks, forcing him to not have to do much. Kennedy did face a penalty this week however, and he let it by. Luckily the game was sealed at that point. You can not let that affect his rating too much, so another solid week from the keeper.

Harris – 6. Made a very heads up play in the box during the first half which possibly prevented a goal, and is proving to be a crucial part of the FC Dallas backline. Good overlap from his as well to match the back on the other side, Hollingshead.

Hedges – 6. The captain did his job, and that is all he needed to do. Got very physical with attackers at times as well.

Loyd – 7. Giving him a bump in rating over his partner Hedges because of his play in the first half that lead to the second goal of the match. Loyd put 100% effort into playing a ball while on his stomach and thus started the counter attack that led to 2-0.

Hollingshead – 7. Unsung hero of the night. His defensive play was great, and his overlap was annoying for the Portland defense to deal with. He caused headaches all night whether it was getting back on defense or overlapping on attack.

Ulloa – 6. Yet another solid night for the homegrown. Used his hustle to win the ball back at the top of the box and draw the penalty for FC Dallas which Mauro Diaz converted. Nice night for the Wylie, Texas native.

Acosta – 8. Great night for the U.S. youth international. The amount of energy he has brought in recent weeks to the attack is outstanding, and the dynamic between he and Ulloa in midfield is a joy to watch. Picked up a goal and an assist on the night, and looked great.

Castillo – 6. A now rare quiet night for the MLS All-Star. Did show some moments of individual talent, but his only shot on the night was drug wide. Did use some nice cuts in the box, but Saturday night was not the Fabian Castillo we’re all most-used to.

Diaz – 7. Good night for the Argentine playmaker as he found his teammates with nice passing sequences and skill-checked a few defenders. Picked up a goal from the penalty spot, so you have to call that a successful night.

Barrios – 9. I think he has adapted to MLS. The Colombian bagged a brace and used his speed to cause trouble all night. His second goal did get a little bit of help due to a deflection, but it looked to be goal-ward bound anyway. Exactly the kind of night the 24 year old needed.

Texeira – 6. He did not score, but he did do his part in the attack when it came to hold up play and making runs. Was not involved as you would like to see, but he had another solid night. He could give Blas Perez a run for the starting spot when the Panamanian returns.


Escobar – 6. Came in for Texeira and sured up the 3-0 lead at the time. He did exactly what was needed of him.

Akindele – 5. Came in to replace a gassed Castillo, and did not every have any extended time on the ball. Not too much to judge Tesho on, and you could say he did not make the most of his minutes.

Zendejas – 6. Came in for Diaz and used his speed to keep the Timbers on alert. Something that he can always bring to a match is fresh, speedy legs. Just what was needed at the time.

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