Mexico 3, Jamaica 1 – Gold Cup Final


Mexico had said from the very beginning that they were going to win the Gold Cup; however, all of the preliminary as well as the final few games looked to prove otherwise. Mexico either tied or kept a close match to every country they came up against. Critics assumed that they would not make it very far. This final game against Jamaica heightened the spirits of Mexico after an obviously dominant match and a 3-1 win.

Mexico started the first half with some uncertainty, but by the time they walked back to the locker room at half, they had a steady 1-0 lead over Jamaica. To start the game, Mexico fouled Jamaica in the 7th minute right outside of their penalty box. Jesus Duenas was rewarded the yellow card from the foul as Jamaica had a chance on goal. The first few minutes saw Jamaica with some chances on goal and good 1-2 plays, yet they could never get the last touch into the goal. Jamaica also liked going down the right sideline for easy crosses into the box. Mexico looked to be in trouble at the start of the game as Jamaica controlled possession and speed of play.

FC Dallas defender Je-Vaughn Watson’s yellow card in the 25th minute was the beginning of Jamaica’s downfall. Mexico started to see several chances on goal via crosses into the box towards back post. In the 29th minute, Jesus Corona had an open shot on the left side of the goal box that barely soared over the crossbar. In the 30th minute, Jamaica again received a yellow card for Rodolph Austin as frustration set in for his team. Shortly after, Mexico was the first to strike in the 31st minute. After a free kick that was sent to an outlet pass on the right sideline, Mexico played a lobbed ball towards the back post where Andres Guardado had a beautiful first touch volley right into the upper left corner of the goal. At this point in the game, Mexico had control over the game and possession even after Diego Reyes got a yellow card.

In the 44th minute, a hard and dangerous foul by Jamaica showed the frustrations the team was beginning to have, but they were able to go into the locker room calmly after they had a decent chance on the Mexican frame as a low driven ball crossed the goal face without any contestants.

Mexico came out with high pace in the second half. Only minutes into the game, Corona added another goal for his country. The Jamaican center midfielder got held up with a player and lost the ball in the defensive third. There was when Corona patiently dribbled towards the goal box, and after nobody decided to step towards him, took an easy shot low and into the back post where the Jamaican keeper was on his line not ready. In the 53rd minute, Jamaica had their chance after several scrums in the middle of the Mexico penalty box, but to no avail.

Mexico furthered their lead in the 61st minute from more Jamaican mistakes in the defense. Jamaica had a bad cleared ball which was given to the outside for a low cross into the box. The ball passed up one defender, nut megged another, and found Oribe Peralta sitting easily in the middle of the box for another goal. Mexico easily controlled the ball and wasted time whenever they could with their 3-0 lead. Jamaica finally awoke in the later minutes of the game which was too little too late.

In the 80th minute, Darren Mattocks took on two defenders, cut the ball to the inside, and took a low shot on the ground towards the back post for Jamaica’s first goal, but that was the extent of Jamaica’s success. Mexico continued to control the ball for the remainder of the game for a well deserved win. They finally played up to their potential while Jamaica slowly dwindled throughout the entirety of the game.

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