Player Ratings – FC Dallas 2, Houston Dynamo 0

Every player looked great in a very solid team performance. The best thing about this performance, is that it is a very expectable team performance. The team played solid soccer, it was nothing fancy, and it earned three points. All of the starting XI except Je-Vaughn Watson will be available during the Gold Cup as well.


Kennedy – 6. Another solid night for Kennedy in net, he did not have to do a lot however. He made his three saves and was able to control his box again. Did a nice job of commanding a backline that he had not had in front of him often.

Harris – 5. Not bad from Harris. He played defense well, but his passing let him down. He had a few chances to play some cutting passes into the attack but his placing let him down. He did do his job however.

Loyd – 7. Great defensive hustle to get back and make two defensive stops. One early in the 11th minute, and another in the 26th minute. He then played a very solid night at center back as he is expected to.

Hedges – 6. The captain made his healthy return to the starting line-up and he played well. Made a few tackles when he was needed to. It was nice to see the chemistry that he and Loyd have come back into the Dallas backline. Very expectable performance from the captain.

Watson – 5. In his return from Copa America the Jamaican international played defense very well. He even played some cutting passes into the attack. Good night for him in his return to FC Dallas.

Acosta – 8. The kid shined. Outstanding performance from the Dallas homegrown. He brought a lot of energy, and passing that the attack had been missing in recent weeks. Huge of him to have more confidence to shoot. Did his work in a defensive position as well. Made his interceptions and tackles when called upon. How about that pass across field to Castillo to set up goal #2.

Ulloa – 7. Paired with Acosta perfectly. He was there in defense when Acosta was not. Another great 90 minute shift from the homegrown Wylie, Texas product. That pass to Castillo as well to set up the first goal, world class. Jurgen Klinsmann needs to keep an eye on this kid. Especially after last night.

Hollingshead – 6. Made his return to the attack and had a quiet night. He did his job though. Doing what you are assigned to do gets you a good rating around here. “That’s a spot I’ve been playing for more of the season so it was good to get back there,” said Hollingshead after the match.

Diaz – 7. Great performance from the Argentine playmaker. After signing a deal that will keep him in Dallas through 2019, you can tell what that did to his confidence. He was much more comfortable out there compared to last week, and he really impressed on his vision during the second goal. Used the space that was there, and was very patient to wait for Castillo.

Castillo – 9. He made a case to be called the most difficult 1v1 challenge in MLS. He had his way with Houston’s Raul Rodriguez. Showed an element of his game we do not see often on goal #2 when he muscled Rodriguez off the ball. A very composed finish on the goal to his name, and a got a little bit of luck to open the scoring. He was subbed off after 75 minutes with what appeared to be cramps, Pareja said it was precautionary.

Texeira – 6. A very solid performance from the Uruguayan striker. He linked up with his teammates in attack. Very positive performance for Tex.


Hernandez – 5. It was strange to see the Guatemalan international come off the bench as he has been Dallas’ go-to left back when available this season. “Every position is an open competition during the week,” said Pareja however. Hernandez solidified the defense in his 15 minutes of action. His service in attack could be better though, his runs are great.

Perez – 4. Not much for Perez after coming off the bench. Linked up with his teammates a few times. Not a bad performance, just a small sample size as he only played 19 minutes.

Akindele – 5. A very solid thirty minutes from the Canadian international. He came in and used his big body against the Houston defense. Picked up the ball a lot on the right after moving there when Perez checked in. Nice shift off the bench for Tesho.





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