Practice Report: June 25, 2015

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From Thursday evening, the last practice before the big Texas Derby match tonight.

Standard day before a game practice

Nothing out of the ordinary, the team went through some set pieces and also worked on penalty kick things as well. The strangest thing was watching the team have a reserve game last night which is a bit odd the day before a game, but with next week’s schedule being really strange it might be the only time they can get it in.

More involved in practice

One person who is getting more involved in practice is Oscar Pareja. This is not saying he was not involved before, but now Oscar is running with the team and playing the roll as an opposing attacker to show how the team should respond to what the opposing team does.

Practices likely to stay at night

It is very likely that training will be at night for the rest of the summer in order to deal with the heat better. A lot of coaches and players have said they like it, but they also say it really does not matter when the training session is.

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