FC Dallas Practice Report: June 22, 2015

Standard Monday practice

Nothing out of the ordinary with the exception with two trial players, the guys who started on Friday did some training and as they get ready for Friday. They had a reserve game as well and some of the players of note in the reserve game were Matt Hedges and Tesho Akindele. Je-Vaughn Watson did light work on the side as he rested after coming back from three incredibly tough games at Copa America.

Injury News

Here is the injury news that we know of right now.

Rolando Escobar-Hamstring and is questionable going into Friday. Oscar Pareja would like to get him on the bench for the game.

Matt Hedges-Hamstring and is probable to start on Friday. Would not be surprised if he was not in the injury report this week. More on him later today.

A sign of optimism

There was a lot of relief from the players that the road trip is over, but the happiest person is Oscar Pareja. The last time that FC Dallas put out a lineup with all the regular players there healthy and ready to go was May 1. On Friday barring any injury in practice this week, FC Dallas will field their ideal starting 11 and seven ideal bench players for the first time in 56 days. The last time they had their ideal lineup, they won 4-1, against Houston.



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