Conversation with the Captain: June 23, 2015

FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges is just getting back from a hamstring injury that has bothered him for the last few weeks. Hedges is getting better, but is not quite 100% yet.

“I feel a little bit better,” he said. “It is still not 100% as the injury lingers, but I am at like 80-90% hopefully it will feel better in the next couple of days.”

Hedges is happy that the road trip is over and knows how rough it has been on the team to play all those games on the road.

“It is a relief,” he said. “A five game road trip is something you don’t usually see and it is difficult. It is hard to get points on the road and being asked to do it five weeks in a row is not an easy task, but we have a bunch of home games and now we can start climbing the table.”

Hedges is happy that the Houston is at home as FC Dallas will play the Houston Dynamo for the first time at home since 2013. Hedges is looking for a huge crowd at the game.

“It is good that the game is finally in Dallas,” he said. “I know Dallas brings a lot of fans to Houston when we go down there and they’re really into the rivalry so we are excited.”

Hedges came off the bench right before Colorado scored to tie the game last Friday. Many questioned if Hedges was ready and even though he was, Hedges takes responsibility for the goal.

“Yeah I think I was ready to go,” he said. “The goal was my fault and you can’t misjudge the ball in the box. It was disappointing because we should have won the game, but I have to forget about it and move on.”

Hedges has the team motivated going into the Houston game on Friday as FC Dallas will not have to travel anymore which has the team excited.

“My message is we’re in front of our fans now and we can dictate the game our way,” he said. “We’re at home and we can do what we want and there is no exception to get anything less than three points.”

FC Dallas take on the Houston Dynamo in the Texas Derby this Friday at 8 PM on UniMas.

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