Conversation with the Captain: June, 15, 2015

FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges missed the game against the Seattle Sounders as he is fighting through a hamstring injury. Hedges feels he is getting better and hopeful he can play this Friday at Colorado.

“I feel alright,” he said. “I’m improving with running around and jogging a bit so hopefully I’ll be ready in a few days.”

Hedges says that his other hamstring is now bothering him as the schedule the last few weeks has been tough on him.

“I think coming back from the last hamstring injury along with the weeks of tough training and tough games, I might have overloaded it,” he said. “So I’m just trying to build my strength back up.”

Hedges knew how bad his injury was after the Kansas City game and was not sure he could play under any circumstance.

‘The hamstring never improved from the Kansas City game,” he said. “I don’t think I could have done much out there to be honest.”

Hedges knows that the team is going through a tough stretch and is reminding them of past times when the team is struggling.

“We just need to keep working,” he said. “We seem to go through this every year then we get a couple of wins and then we get hot so we need to get a win or two and then all the talk can stop.”


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