Texas Spurs Fall To The Houston Aces, 2-0

The following appears courtesy of Texas Spurs Media.

The Texas Spurs took on the Houston Aces in a heated match Friday, ultimately falling 2-0 to the South Texas club. In the first half there were some decisions from the officials that the Spurs had questions about, and overall both teams began to play more physically. The Spurs challenged the Aces, and had some opportunities off of crosses in front of goal. The Aces had some shots outside of the eighteen on target, but Yvette Bedoy, the Texas Spurs goalkeeper, read the shots well and made some great saves. At half, the teams were tied at 0-0.

The second half the intensity grew; both teams were fighting for the win. In the 23rd minute, the Aces put a goal away off of a free kick from outside the eighteen. The ball was crossed in, and Lindsay South finished with a back post run. The game continued to get more intense, the Spurs had a great opportunity in front of goal, but the ball was cleared out off the line. As the game wore on, the visitors were able to score to take the lead.

With two minutes of stoppage time left, the Aces had a break away. Jackie Acevedo scored the insurance goal, but was tackled during the play by Rocio Gutierrez in the box. Despite protests from the Spurs staff, Gutierrez was given a red card and was ejected from the game. The Texas Spurs look forward to meeting the Houston Aces again in Houston for a rematch. The Spurs play again Sunday June 13th against the Titians at Dallas Christian College at 5PM.


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