Follow Local Lower Division Clubs

In case you do not get enough soccer, and who does, here is some information about the local NPSL and WPSL clubs. Both the Women’s Premier Soccer League and National Premier Soccer League are national semi-pro/high-level amateur league where you will find players usually with college experience.

While we are not currently staffed enough to cover the games directly, we have reached out to them to try to arrange coverage so you can follow them here.

As we encourage everyone to consume as much soccer as they can stomach, we certainly recommend you take in one of these games. Here are their official websites so you can see which one is the best fit for you:

NPSL – Official Website

Fort Worth Vaqueros – Official Website

Dallas City FC – Official Website

Liverpool Warriors – Official Website

WPSL – Official Website

Texas Spurs – Official Website

Fort Worth Panthers – Official Website

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