The Original MLS Power Rankings – June 2, 2015

MLS power rankings-1

And the bottom simply could not keep up the pace, with most teams falling back into their old roles. Seattle continues to separate itself from the pack and, for the most part, the stratification is settling in. Sporting and Portland have the hot hand right now.


1 (1) Seattle Sounders (2.00, Even). Like a boss. Midweek match then play a top team from the East? No problem. The wins were not indulgent, but they were the right results. And with the wins, they take complete control of the West.


2 (2) D.C. United (1.79, -5). A loss at Portland is not the best of results, but their body of work plus their win on the weekend keeps them at 2, although it is a clear distant 2 behind the Sounders.

3 (3) New York Red Bulls (1.42, -7). A chance to make a statement slipped through the Red Bulls’ fingers when they played a tired Sounders team, but they are just that good. Frankly, like the game at FC Dallas, another indication that this is a very good team, but nothing spectacular.

4 (4) Vancouver Whitecaps (1.64, -7). The Whitecaps got a tired RSL side after the Utah club lost at LA midweek, and Vancouver found a way to get the win. For a team that had lost its way a bit recently, this was a victory the club needed.

5 (6) Sporting Kansas City (1.62, -6). Watch this space. SKC is nothing to mess with, and they showed it on Friday, tearing a solid FC Dallas team a new one. If nothing else, Nemeth was way too much to handle for a solid set of defenders.


6 (7) New England Revolution (1.50, -9). The bigger loss for the club was the injury to Jones, but another example of a talented team still trying to be consistent. The Revs just aren’t there yet.

7 (5) FC Dallas (1.62, -6). When this team loses, it usually does so in spectacular fashion. Did they ever miss Fabian Castillo… Add into that the fact that Nemeth ate the Dallas defense for lunch, and you have the makings of a really poor result. Of all the red cards Dallas has gotten under Pareja, this is one that feels least like an issue – Loyd was just getting beat. The real concern, though, is that the road trip continues while the club continues to lose players to international duty.

8 (9) Los Angeles Galaxy (1.40, -8). Are we starting to see this team turn things around? It sure feels like it. A cross country match against a good team and you find a way to get the tie? After a mid week home win? That is what it takes to be something special.

9 (10) Toronto FC (1.45, -1). Michael Bradley and Co. are finding ways to get results even without Jozy. Giovinco is something special, to be sure. There really is more than enough time for TFC to get their groove on, so eyes front, soldier.

10 (8) San Jose Earthquakes (1.38, -5). This is definitely not last year’s San Jose club, but every once in a while, we see some inconsistency.

11 (13) Portland Timbers (1.36, -6). There we go. We have consistently had the Timbers higher than most rankings, and now everyone is getting to see why. The addition of Borchers took a little longer to integrate than we expected and the offense still could use some spice, but clearly, they are getting the right results. Like TFC, they have time to sort things out. I am not so sure they will get a top two seed, but they will get everyone else a run for their money in the West.

Good But Not Great

12 (11) Real Salt Lake (1.21, -9). A rough week, but an awful schedule. At Los Angeles and then at Vancovuer? Two road games, Vancouver without a midweek match, and both clubs were good. At least the second game wasn’t on the right coast….

13 (12) Columbus Crew (1.33, -8). What to make of the tie with the Lions? Orlando has been playing better and a tie on the road is a good result, so they tread water but this was not enough to put them ahead of anyone in front of them.

14 (15) Chicago Fire (1.27, -9). For a team really trying to find itself, a solid 3-0 win over Montreal had to feel good.

15 (14) Houston Dynamo (1.21, -11). For a club that had seen some success of late, this was a step back. Tying on the road against a horrid NYCFC is not what other good teams do.

16 (16) Orlando City (1.08, -12). Still clawing their way out of the bottom of the league, this was a bit of a setback as the Crew are beatable, but it was not a terrible result and one they can move forward from.

17 (17) Colorado Rapids (1.00, -14). Just when we started to believe this team might have something, they drop the ball in a big way. At Seattle and against Portland is not an easy set of games, but you have to find ways and the Rapids did not do any of that this week.

18 (18) Montreal Impact (1.00, -8). Like the Rapids, we were starting to take the Impact a little more serious, but they found a way to return to form a bit with a poor loss at a poor team.

The Ugly Stick

19 (19) Philadelphia Union (0.86, -14). Its a theme – another club that had shown some life, reverting back to losing ways.

20 (20) NYCFC (0.62, -19). Another game, another disappointing result. Such an expansion side.

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