Conversation With The Captain: June 2, 2015

Hedges-captain-9356FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges knows last week was not his best performance as FC Dallas lost to Sporting Kansas City 4-0 last week. Hedges was pretty blunt with his overall performance in the loss last Saturday as he takes a lot of blame for how the game went.

“If I could rate my performance less than zero I would,” he said. “It was the worst performance I have ever had in the league and it is disappointing because I felt I let my teammates down and losing 4-0 is unacceptable for this team.”

Hedges has looked over the film against Sporting and had a rough time picking out one thing that lead to the downfall last Saturday.

“We were pretty bad in all aspects,” he said. “Our shape was off and we lost a lot of one-on-one battles which lead to Sporting doing whatever they wanted to against us.”

The message for this team from Hedges is pretty simple this week heading into San Jose on Sunday as the team looks to bounce back from the loss as Hedges will use the same message he used after the 4-0 loss to Colorado at home.

“My message will be the same for when this happened against Colorado,” he said. “We need to respond and go out there and kick somebody’s ass. We need to do to San Jose what Sporting did to us and kill somebody.”

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