Seeing Red A Third Time

Because it was an issue in 2014 and appeared to continue to be one in 2015, we have kept an eye on ejections for FC Dallas this season. (Seeing Red | Seeing Red Again) In the team’s 4-0 loss at Sporting Kansas City on Friday, Zach Loyd earned his second yellow in the latter minutes of the first half and the team eventually was overwhelmed.

Unlike most of the red cards in the past season and a third, this one appeared to be in some ways “garden variety” and was more due to Loyd (and Hedges, for that matter) simply being outmatched by Krisztian Nemeth rather than it being a poor reaction or choice, or lack of emotional maturity.

In this case, Loyd was shown a yellow in the 33rd minute for a tactical foul on Nemeth at the top of the Dallas penalty area, and ten minutes later, was beaten along the touchline and he tried to keep Nemeth from getting away from the UNC product, fouling and holding him in the process, which led to his second yellow and ejection from the match.

If anything, maybe there is something to questioning whether Loyd came back too soon as Walker Zimmerman seemed to be playing well in his absence, but with a veteran player, you have to trust him when he says he is ready to return. And as strong as Loyd and Hedges have been as a pairing, that certainly was not a bad bet. At the end of the day, we think it was more that Nemeth is simply something special and is a handful for any defense.

On the other hand, as understandable as this red card might be, it is still the third red card for the team in 13 games.

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