Arsenal and Aston Villa battle in FA Cup Final on Saturday – Match Preview

Saturday, Arsenal will defend their 2014 FA Cup title against Aston Villa at Wembley Stadium. If the Gunners are able to secure a victory it will be the clubs 12th FA Cup title and make them the most successful club in FA Cup History. The match will be broadcast on FOX at 11am CST.

Arsenal come into the match the stronger side on paper. In league play, Arsenal secured the third spot overall, and with it, automatic qualification into the UEFA Champions League next season, whereas Aston Villa finished the season one spot above the relegation zone. The beauty of the FA Cup, though, is that the games are not played on paper, and Villa can steal a championship from their season with a victory.

Aston Villa found their way to the FA Cup Final by beating Blackpool(1-0), Bournemouth(2-1), Leicester(2-1), West Brom(2-0), and Liverpool(2-1). For Aston Villa they were fortunate with drawings for each round and playing at their home ground Villa Park.

Arsenal found their road to Wembley by defeating Hull City(2-0), Brighton & Hove Albion(2-3), Middlesbrough(2-0), Manchester United(1-2) and Reading(1-2). Arsenal were 50/50 on the home and away drawings but in essence tomorrow should be a home field advantage by playing at their second home in London.

Aston Villa will be wearing their traditional kit of claret shirts with sky blue sleeves. Arsenal will wear their second kit with the traditional yellow shirt and blue sleeves.

If you can make it out of the house tomorrow, try to make it to a local supporters pub to watch the magic that is the FA Cup. You can find a list of local supporters pubs for each club here: &

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