Farm Report – May 1, 2015

arizona united farm reportSo Danny Garcia is FC Dallas’ first loan to its USL affiliate, Arizona United. The question next is, “What now?”

If we were to hazard an educated guess, as he just started practicing with the team this week, he will likely make the 18 and see some time, depending on how Arizona United’s match on Saturday against the Colorado Springs Switchbacks. All things considered, there is no need to rush him in and frankly it is probably better for Garcia as well, although after a strong start, Michael Dellorusso’s team has now suffered two straight losses.

Arizona does need some help in midfield, but that is such an important place that throwing Garcia in the mix right away might smack a little of desperation. On the other hand, if United has the need and Garcia can provide something, then why not? Well, let’s talk about the why not. Last year, Garcia was thrown into the starting lineup for FC Dallas immediately after the injury to Mauro Diaz and the young UNC product was given the keys to the most powerful team in MLS at the time. Four games later, and Garcia had played all he was going to play for the team in MLS competition. It is an unfair reality that players are thrown into sink or swim situations like that, and the effort made by most MLS teams to take advantage of the USL relationships is going to benefit all.

Without being on-site, it is tough to say when the right time would be for Garcia to start contributing, but here is hoping that he is worked in so that he is prepared to succeed. FC Dallas, Garcia and United all need that.

Beyond Garcia, it is unclear when, if or who else will be loaned out. The one who makes the most logical sense to be ready to benefit from minutes is Otis Earle. But with the defense as thin as it is, odds are that he does not go to the desert soon. Other options such as Alejandro Zendejas and Coy Craft are probably less likely to be sent to Arizona if only because they would likely mostly train, just like they do in Dallas, but here Pareja can keep a closer eye on them. Craft also has to finish recovering from his rash of injuries.

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