Practice Report – April 30, 2015

practice report bumperThursday practice with a twist

Since this team has played a few Friday games already and how frequent they have been lately, this team has got into a groove handling the practice. It also helps this team has an extra day of rest compared to Houston. For the most part, the team did their usual thing which is working on set pieces and play a few games. The only thing that was different was that they worked on one-time passes through the middle.

All Key Players Participating

All of the players who participated in last week’s game were in full training today, including Diaz and Kennedy. Blas Perez was not training with the 1s, but all of the other starters from last week, as well as Tesho Akindele, Michel and Michael Barrios, spent time with the first group during different portions of today’s session. It is a lot less clear who this week’s starters will likely be, possibly because some positions may depend on today’s efforts.

One notable missing player

Midfielder Kyle Bekker was not at practice today. The reason for his absence is unknown at this time and will be a big topic of discussion on Tuesday if he is not there. Players have missed a day of practice before in the past so unless he misses more than one day in a row it should not be a big topic of concern yet.

Spirits are high after this weeks practice

Head coach Oscar Pareja was happy with how the team worked this week. There will be more on him later today including thoughts on the Dallas-Houston rivalry and the importance of it now that Houston is in the west.

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