Player Ratings – April 29, 2015

A point on the road is generally a good thing – unless it could very well have been three and a mistake cost the team a very real chance at it.


Dan Kenney – 7. This was a very good first outing for the Californian. In his first game in goal for Dallas, he made some key saves, on top of the usual good job that Seitz does in terms of organizing at the back and good positioning and distribution.

Moises Hernandez – 5. The Seagoville product did well and showed the first half against Colorado two weeks ago was an aberration.

Matt Hedges – 5.  Overall, a solid job, but having to play on a yellow card earned in the 7th minute is never good for a central defender.  The blow to the head was unfortunate. Good to hear his substitution was precautionary and that he has apparently passed all of the concussion protocols.

Zach Loyd – 6. Did well to help contain Badji this time around.

JeVaughn Watson – 5. Had moments where he got into the attack and did well enough to not give up the big play. And step in the right direction.

Victor Ulloa – 6. Played well and worked smoothly with Acosta for much of the night.

Kellyn Acosta – 4. The aggression is certainly a welcome change from the ineffective Michel (at least from the run of play). But the homegrown player has to find a way to be aggressive without earning cards, otherwise he will continue to be a liability.

Ryan Hollingshead – 6. Another solid performance from the UCLA product. He is making things very difficult for Michael Barrios to earn a start.

Mauro Diaz – 7. The only thing holding Diaz from a larger number was the fact that he is not 90 minutes fit. His passing was very effective and his placement on his goal was very professional – well done to slip into an unexpected gap to score the opening goal.

Fabian Castillo – 7. Once again, this team really dominates games where the Colombian puts opponents into difficulty. The yellow card was a bit unnecessary, but you have to respect the hustle and determination. Dallas just has to continue to find ways to keep the young winger involved.

Blas Perez – 3. Totally unnecessary from the Panamanian. He was on track to having a good outing and could very well have gotten on the end of an insurance goal had he kept his head, but one momentary lapse of reason and it cost the team a likely three points.


Tesho Akindle – 5. Really had a limited role in the circumstances he was brought on for, but did what he could in the time he had.

Walker Zimmerman – 4. Put in a tough position, especially after all the travel and having played for the US U-23s two days before, but this is a results-oriented business, and he once again was involved in the mistake that cost the team a goal.

Atiba Harris – Inc. Did not have enough time to do much to impact the game. He was serviceable in what he did do.


Pareja – 5. Would have been a 7 had the team found a way to win as the moves with Diaz and Kennedy were working out really well, but the insistence on not addressing how his team seems to flirt with ejections almost every other game means when it bites the team, it reflects on him.

Overall – a disappointing 5. Under most circumstances, a tie on the road would be considered at least “you did the job.” But with Seattle winning at Colorado the weekend before, and this game set up to be three points in the pocket, it is a bit of a bitter pill to see the bonus points evaporate. This team needs to shore up its depth on defense and needs to get control of its misconduct or as other clubs get their groove going, Dallas will be left behind.

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