Farm Report – April 22, 2015

arizona united farm reportAt some point, FC Dallas is going to send some players to play for Micheal Dellorusso at Arizona United, although every time we think they might get close, something comes up and makes it awkward for the team to release anyone.

But when they do, we think we have it narrowed down to the two players that we think they will send and figured now was as good a time as any to let you know.

Last we looked at it, the list had been narrowed down to five: Coy Craft, Alejandro Zendejas, Otis Earle, Jesse Gonzalez and Danny Garcia.

The first one we think we can eliminate is Gonzalez. Arizona United has a good goalkeeper and we do not see a reason to send the Dallas goalkeeper just to train in Arizona.

Coy Craft was recently named to the US U-18 roster, but then pulled back because of a recent hip injury that he is still recovering from.

Additionally, with the remaining four, you have two players under 20 years old and two over that age. Because the younger players are still learning to be professionals and are still developing, physically, it seems that it would be more beneficial to have them here working on their physique and nutrition, whereas with Garcia and Earle, they are more ready to handle the physical nature of lower division soccer and would most benefit from the experience.

So barring other issues, based on what factors we think FC Dallas will use to evaluate who to send, we think it will be Otis Earle and Danny Garcia who are sent to the desert to get the games they need to develop into starting quality MLS players.

That leaves one question – when. And on that, we simply do not have enough information. Is it possible that no one is sent?

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