The Original MLS Power Rankings – April 7, 2015

MLS power rankings-1And we have a new team at No. 1. The question we wrestled with a lot was how far does Dallas fall, and who jumps ahead of them.

Quick note – we got dinged last week in the Rankings composite for having Portland six spots above the average. Maybe we aren’t so daft after all….


1 (2) – Vancouver Whitecaps. Not a fluke. Not four wins in a row, including one against the Galaxy. This team is playing well and making things happen at the right time. Best team in the league over the course of the season? Time will tell, same as it was for Dallas. But lots of good things are happening for these guys right now.

2 (3) – Real Salt Lake. A road win against a San Jose side that is playing better than its record from 2014 is not a bad thing. And considering the result Portland got recently, that road tie to start the year looks better now, doesn’t it.


3 (1) – FC Dallas. Exposed just a bit, but over the course of the season, how often are they going to have to play a team that physical, on a field that small, that is turf, with that level of talent and determination? Not often. Credit to the Timbers for shutting down Fabian Castillo, but would it have been as easy as they made it look if Blas Perez was out there as well?

4 (5) – Seattle Sounders. Winning down a man is always a touch impressive. Even though it was Houston, they still got the result without the full compliment.

5 (9) – Portland Timbers. All the luck that had eluded them in the first few matches found them after their hard work put them in position to take advantage. And there was no luck involved in shutting down the Dallas attack.

6 (6) – New York Red Bulls. No reason to move them up or down, so they tread water in a pretty good spot.

7 (8) – Sporting Kansas City. Showed some real character in winning against Philadelphia, coming back from two deficits and scoring twice in stoppage time to steal it. Are we starting to see the SKC team we expected at the beginning of the season?


8 (4) – Los Angeles Galaxy. This team is definitely showing signs of wear and tear, and missing pieces.

9 (10) – D.C. United. Another late win. Will this prove to be a statistical aberration?

10 (9) – New Your City FC. No game means you are susceptible to the way teams around you play. And D.C. did something NYC did not do – win in Florida.

11 (13) – New England Revolution. Beat an awful Colorado Rapids side that is on the verge of setting a league record for futility.

Good But Not Great

12 (12) – Columbus Crew. No game and then back to back road games on Wednesday then the weekend? How does that schedule make sense, MLS?

13 (14) – Chicago Fire. Considering how well they played Vancovuer, only to lose late, maybe this team is not as bad as we originally thought, or they have made some significant strides.

14 (11) – San Jose Earthquakes. A tough home loss to a good team. But a home loss is a home loss.

15 (15) – Toronto FC. Another loss puts them in the bottom tier. The talent is there to get out of this hole, but we have said that before about this club.

The Ugly Stick

16 (16) – Orlando City. This team is going to continue to struggle, although in fairness, the late heroics from D.C. United will not last forever…. right?

17 (17) – Houston Dynamo. Up a man for long stretches and unable to even score? This is starting to feel like a team that is going to take half the season to get its sea legs, and by then, it will be too late – at least in the West.

18 (18) – Philadelphia Union. Found a way to give up two leads. They may turn it around at some point, but it doesn’t look like that will happen in the near future.

19 (20) – Montreal Impact. Not playing helps. Especially when the Rapids lose at home and still don’t score.

20 (19) – Colorado Rapids. Twenty minutes from the longest stretch in league history without scoring a goal. Against a Dallas side stinging from the loss at Portland. It is going to take something special for the Rapids to score against Dallas in time.

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