FC Dallas at Portland Timbers – Starting Lineup for FCD

Our starting lineup for FC Dallas tonight: Seitz; Loyd, Hedges, Zimmerman, Harris; Michel, Ulloa; Castillo, Hollingshead; Akindele, Texiera.

You are seeing the effect of the second FIFA games this week as Hernandez and Perez are coming off the bench.

Per Fletcher Whiteley, Zimmerman practiced all week at centerback and Loyd out on the wing.

Considering the lack of training time with the first team, it should not be a surprise Diaz did not make the 18. Considering that not only is the team trying to manage Diaz’ recovery from last season’s knee injury and off-season training regimen, but the turf in Portland probably would not have been helpful.

Hollingshead continues to keep Michael Barrios at bay for another start with his strong play. Harris probably has this week and maybe next week because of the short week of training to impress before Watson really brings the pressure for the right fullback position.

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