Conversation with the Captain – March 25, 2015

This is our weekly feature with FC Dallas team captain Matt Hedges. The UNC product has been the team captain since the 2014 season and recently made his first appearance for the US Men’s National Team.

By Fletcher Whiteley

FC Dallas captain Matt Hedges knows the team is off to a great start and is considered the best team in MLS right now. Hedges also knows that this week’s game is Seattle and how important this game is in the young season. With all the international call-ups this week, many think Dallas in the back line will be weak this week. Hedges is not worried at all about the team this week.

“I think we will be fine,” he said. “We have a lot of guys on the bench who have experience and started a lot of games last year so we’re not worried at all.”

With playing the team that knocked you out of the playoffs last year comes extra motivation to beat them this year. Hedges said he has seen the team have a little more motivation this week.

“We have it in the back of our mind that they ended our season last year,” he said. “There has been some extra energy in training this week.”

Hedges is also pleased with the defensive improvement from last season as the defense has only allowed one goal all season.

“We have been fantastic so far this season,” he said. “We don’t give up a lot of chances and we play pretty clean so there has been a big improvement from last season.”

Hedges is working on getting the team back to full fitness after the team got Monday off after a long flight back from Philadelphia.

“We have not talked much about Seattle,” he said. “Right now we’re just getting back into training mode and making sure we have our legs under us. We just are making sure we’re ready to go physically.”

Hedges has a few things he wants to work on personally this week as he knows this week is a big game this early into the young season.

“I’m just working on cleaning up a few things and getting sharper,” he said. “I think if we fix a few things, this defense will be very hard to beat.”



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